Waking Up in Vegas!!!

So I finally finished writing a book.

It’s a novella! It’s about 20,000 words.

I was sitting around after my (successful!) surgery, feeling guilty for not having written any fiction in months. Okay, really I was just scrolling through Instagram endlessly. Then it hit me: why not try to write a short story that starts much like that? About a woman who is living her own life through looking at other people’s photos on Instagram?

Then I thought, “Why not try to make it an erotic romance story? Just for fun?”

So I started writing and about a week later it was finished, and it was no longer a short story. It had become a novella; an erotic romance novella  – an erotic romance novella that would be a part of a trilogy featuring the same characters.

I had so much fun writing it. I had even more fun writing the sequel (coming soon!).

Then I knew I had to publish it. But that required learning Scrivener formatting, setting up social media accounts, building an author website, and then publishing to Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, iBooks, Nook, Google Play, and All-Romance. I thought it would take me a day to do all of that.

HA. About nine days later, the above list is complete. My site is finished. I’m all over social media, e-book retailers, etc; and I even made three sales of my very first book in the first three days (two of which were from my parents, but hey! That’s cool. Hi mom and dad!).

For now I’ll be blogging over at JPFriday.com/blog. I may migrate these posts over there eventually and have this page re-direct, but I’m not sure yet.

J.P. Friday is a pen name of sorts, obviously. The “P” stands for “Phuckin'” just because I really admire Amanda Fucking Palmer.

All I know for sure is that writing fiction is a ton of fun once I get out of my own damn way. I’m in this for the long haul.

So for now, you can buy Waking Up in Vegas at nearly every e-book retailer. Within the next week, the sequel (Breaking Up in Vegas) will be released. The conclusion of the trilogy will also be finished within a month.

Erotic romance not your cup of tea? I totally understand. My mystery novel featuring a bold heroine with endometriosis, The Dolls of Harper’s End, will be available within the next six weeks for purchase. On the docket after that (Late Summer 2015) is an as-yet-untitled dystopian future in which Texas has seceded from the US and been taken over by evangelical Christian and political extremists (tentative title: Tea Partiers Gone Wild. I’m kidding). This was the book I started writing last July when I discovered that a lot of people make money by fearlessly writing and publishing their fiction writing.

Also coming this summer: at least one romantic comedy-type-book (might end up being two of these, but I’ll know more when I sit down to finish the first) that if it were a movie would probably star Katherine Heigl, if Katherine Heigl’s characters were complete emotional, alcohol-addicted, circus-performer train wrecks and not just cutesy-cool professional women. But hey! It’s Jennifer’s (the main character) wedding weekend and everybody can relate to weddings!

Interested in any of those upcoming titles? Sign up for my newsletter. I won’t send more than two emails a month, and I will only send them when titles are published and available to purchase.

Hope you are all well!

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4 Responses to Waking Up in Vegas!!!

  1. Casey Friday says:

    It’s so cool to see all the facets of this coming together. I’m excited to help in whatever geeky/technical way I can to make it even better!

  2. Diane says:

    All this and surgery too! Congratulations!

    • Thank you!

      I was worried yesterday I wasn’t “better” from the surgery. Then I realized I’ve done more in the last four weeks than I did in six months over the last four years.

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