A Worthy Profession.

Any time I tell myself that being a writer and writing fiction books and making things up and selling them to people is not a worthy profession, I need to stop and remember all of the times someone else telling a story saved my mind.

Right now I’m anxiously crossing off days on the calendar on the way to having my surgery. The last few weeks have been the usual mish-mash of pain, no pain, depression, happiness, fatigue, and energy. During the lowest points, the things that have saved me are things that, on the surface, don’t seem like worthy things for someone to have made or used time and resources to complete:

A series of “useless conversations” between three Englishmen.

The story of the brutal murder of a British boy played out onscreen by in-real-life adults pretending to be other not-real people in a completely made up story.

A prequel we don’t deserve about a skeevy lawyer that turned out to be exactly the prequel we all need.

These three things seem silly on the surface. It’s not “real” work. It’s “only” art. They’ve all been put together by adults playing pretend and telling stories: some real, some exaggerated, and some entirely fictitious. And yet, over the years, books and movies and television and stories have kept me sane and entertained. Stories are the things that make life exciting for me.

Telling stories is work worth doing. I don’t ever want to forget that.

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6 Responses to A Worthy Profession.

  1. Casey says:

    You WIN THE INTERNET (and my heart) for TDKR reference.

      • Jessica says:

        I really like you guys.

        Mermaiding (mermaiding!) also does not feel like a real profession at times. But I hope it’s a really lovely means to an end so I too can not profession with writing.

        • Mermaiding!!! Can you imagine! At a convention in like the 50s with guys in hats, “Say, gal, what business you in?”


          I hope your mermaiding is successful beyond your wildest dreams!

          So I’m still plugging away at my NaNo novel. And Casey keeps saying “JUST FINISH IT SO I CAN READ IT, DAMMIT.” And I think “oh no, I can’t show it to anybody, it sucks, what if they laugh at me.” And then I realize you’re thinking the same thing but I would LOVE to read your finished novels, so I’m just trying to keep that in mind.

          If I could disconnect my amygdala (You suck! Be scared! People will laugh! Your MOM will read this! Don’t write that scene! Give up and become a bartender!) while I write I think I could get a lot more done.

        • Diane says:

          The local aquarium has ladies in mermaid costumes swimming in a big tank. A lot of the little kids get really jazzed up when they see them.

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