Open Writing. Year 1. Month 1. Days 4-7.

Daily word count: ZERO.

Oh noes.

It’s okay, though. I was killing myself with tiny house stuff, helping Casey finish up a few projects, and most importantly BLUE GENIE. I sewed up some little wallets, which sounds like it was the simplest thing ever and not a huge learning curve process with cursing and tearing out fabric. It looks like I actually sold a few things at Blue Genie this last weekend, which is huge and awesome considering I raised my prices by about 50% and it scared the crap out of me to do so. It really came down to: do I want to lose money and keep doing this? Or earn money and keep doing this?

Writing! Back to writing.

I spent all of my energy on doing all of these things, and this is where I will rant, briefly. A lot of people say things like “I cram in 20 minutes of writing between my six full-time jobs, running a farm, and raising my twelve children, so if I can write every day SO CAN YOU!” Over the last year, the phrase “If I can do it, so can you,” has become my least favorite in the world. Looking at me, you would assume that I am a vibrant, young woman overflowing with energy. I don’t look sick. Even I forget sometimes. But I do have a chronic illness, and I do not have the energy of a typical 25 year old. I manage to do quite a few things, but I cannot do them all. I needed a few days off for my health and sanity; I had to put down one ball and this time it was writing. Long story short: everyone is different, we all make choices. /rant

Good news! Casey bought me Scrivener! I’m excited to dive in and organize my book.

Words to date: 5271

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3 Responses to Open Writing. Year 1. Month 1. Days 4-7.

  1. Diane says:

    I know what you mean by that phrase. Everyone is different, but that phrase doesn’t allow for these differences. In an ideal world you should never have to justify taking care of yourself.

    • iamchesapeake says:

      “In an ideal world you should never have to justify taking care of yourself.”

      I love this so much. I think today’s culture in America is one of being busy sometimes just for the sake of being busy. I see too many people showing up to work sick just to prove something. No wonder we are all so unhealthy as a nation!

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