Open Writing: Year 1. Month 1. Day 2.

Day 2! The day that I realized that my time with The Dolls of Harper’s End is coming to a close. I sat down today and did the thing I really didn’t want to do: make a timeline and nail down the events of Dolls. I was terrified to do this, terrified to actually make a decision on when and how things happen, but I felt much better when it was done.

It’s funny how I’ve been afraid of my own story, like I didn’t have 100% control over what happens when I actually obviously do. I mean, I’m making the whole thing up. Sometimes I hear a little critic voice pop up in my head that says “That doesn’t make sense!” And I literally reply to that voice: “Fuck off, it’s my story.”

I knocked my writing first thing in the morning. 1,712 words.

Now I’m at the point where I need to start cutting text and layering in transitions; it scares me to think about my word count for the story going down, but the time has come.

On my mind: Scrivener!

I just found out about Scrivener, writing software that helps you organize your book (as well as format it for e-publication), and I am definitely interested in buying it. I made a deal with myself that I couldn’t buy it until I sewed a few more things for Blue Genie.

Oh, the games I play for productivity.

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