Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner.


I am beyond excited (I made Casey look at every single “Winner” badge pinned to my ID and profile for about five minutes), but I’d be even more so if the book were 100% done. But as it stands, I am at the point where I need to organize scenes so I know what’s missing and I didn’t want to waste time doing that when I had a word count to meet for NaNo.

My new goal is to finish writing and editing The Dolls of Harper’s End by December 31st, 2014.

A few things: I only had 33k four days ago. On Thanksgiving, with Die Hard (the best Christmas movie ever) playing in the background, I pounded out 6k words. I did 17k words in four days. Don’t let anyone tell you that the NaNo minimum of 1667 words is a lot of words. It isn’t. My problem is that the first thousand and a half for the day are slow to come and all too easy to put off. But once I get past that one thousand and a half are past me, it’s like I can’t stop writing. It’s a good thing to know; that I need to be setting higher word count goals per day because I don’t get into my flow for awhile.

Even though the book isn’t finished, I still cannot believe I finally, finally have 80% of a single book completed. For years, I watched in awe as people around me did NaNo, and I wasn’t in awe of the word count so much as I was in awe of them having a clear picture of a single thing to write about.

My whole life I’ve been buying into the myth that a brilliant, perfect book idea just strolls into a writer’s head. Then the writer ruminates on that brilliant idea, without typing a word, and then several years later sits down to write and it all just comes out perfectly.

I was only partially correct about the last part. Once you sit down and actually write, plot problems and ideas come to you (imperfectly). Things start connecting. But you must, must, must write. Believe me: you will work out problems on paper. But ONLY on paper  (or electronic paper, of course).

Without the advice of Dean Wesley Smith and Heinlein’s Rules, I would not have made it this far. And of course Jessica for pushing me to sign up in the first place. And my husband for listening to my incredibly twisted ideas.

Big things are happening right now! I am so motivated it’s not even funny.

Okay. This is egregious celebrating considering the book isn’t finished.


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6 Responses to Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner.

  1. Jessica says:

    I am so, so excited for you! I’ve managed Nano, but have always gotten tripped up on the editing part and of course that feeling that that one brilliant idea had not yet hit. This paradigm shift we’re having / sharing is so terribly thrilling and feels major, doesn’t it? Life changing. Wahoo!

  2. Diane says:

    Hurrah! What a lot of dedicated effort!

    • iamchesapeake says:

      I have to say, it was a lot less difficult than I thought it would be. By a huge factor. I feel really relieved to have this experience under my belt!

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