NaNo and NaWeATTMo Update #1

I just broke 10,000 words on my novel! (And yes, I am behind by about 8k words).

I started a new novel instead of finishing one of the other two, and I am incredibly happy I did. It’s a mystery, and it’s pretty dark. I described the intricacies (ha) of the plot to Casey, who claims to hate creepy stuff and yet watches “Hannibal” regularly AT NIGHT WITH THE LIGHTS OUT; and it completely pinged on his “That is way fucking creepy and dark” meter which is great. If it freaks out my husband enough that he doesn’t want to read the book even in broad daylight, I’m getting somewhere.

It’s kind of amazing that the more I sit down to just. fucking. write each day, the more I have ideas. I think part of my reluctance to write is that I’m afraid I won’t come up with anything. But that doesn’t happen. The more I write the more ideas I have for the story, and the more it comes together. I started out with a creepy idea (based on a true story; not the outcome, but the outset) and had no idea where it would go. Now I have the main bones of it. It’s just a matter of sitting down and writing the scenes. It’s a little tedious, actually, but I’m forcing myself to do it. Man, it’s amazing how I can talk myself out of writing. And it’s so silly: I can easily clear 1k words in half an hour, and it’s really not that hard. It’s just a matter of putting myself in front of the computer and beginning. If it weren’t for Jessica doing NaNo too and my competitive side kicking in, well. I would have quit by now. But I have not! Even if I write twenty words in one day that’s okay. I just have to keep writing. I did 2k today, and want to clear another thousand before the day is out. It’s really not that many.

Weaving! I have my first bit of fabric done for the top secret project (ha again).

IMG_2057 I can’t believe Blue Genie Art Bazaar load-in is in TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY so yesterday I made a list of the things I absolutely need that would make me feel much better to have ASAP. Mostly this involves buying the stuff I need for my booth setup and getting all that ready. I do have tons of old product all ready to go, thankfully, and I’m really happy this show lasts for four weeks so I can continue weaving and adding things as time goes by. Hopefully I will NEED to restock. My expectations are to sell absolutely nothing. Needing a restock would be a dream come true.

I have two looms to dress, some sewing of the first new product to do, and 5k more words between today and tomorrow to write as a personal goal. I can do this.

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  1. Casey Friday says:

    You’re creeping me out! And also doing quite an awesome job. :)

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