November: NaNoWriMo + NaWeATTMo*

*National Novel Writing Month + National Weave All The Things Month


Is the day after tomorrow!

All! The! Exclamation! Points!

Wow. November is going to be an exciting month. Blue Genie Art Bazaar begins, which means I have several personal deadlines for creating things. I currently have 31 Hound scarves, and 9 Lux scarves. I’d like to bulk that up a bit to 40-ish Hounds. And now I’m adding a new product that I am incredibly excited about. More later when I actually have something to show! You can follow along on my shop Instagram. Oh and now is a good time to mention that I will be, as usual, telling you all exactly how much money I make at Blue Genie. I feel like this sort of info and honesty is sorely missing from the crafting/art communities, so I like to do my part to change all of that.

How do I suddenly have all the energy for all the things? I don’t. Not really. I’ve just decided to push myself a little bit more. The last few months I’ve accidentally been doing too little, which has made me lose stamina, which has made me even more tired. So I’m trying to push back very gently. In addition to that, I might have found a solution for improving my endometriosis. It’s early days yet but I will write about it in time. I’m getting all the proverbial ducks in a row on that, so that’s a bit of a side project.

It’s nice, after being so sick for so long, to have a little hope. I’ve been carefully re-filling my days with things that need doing, trying to bridge that line between not exhausting myself and still finding fulfillment. This has come about through copious list-making, and just doing a little bit at a time on a lot of different things. I even knit an entire sweater in under two weeks! Yes, me. The queen of putting things off until they are perfect. This project has been a purposeful exercise in just fucking doing it and not stopping until it’s done. It’s been very good for me. I improvised the whole pattern. I didn’t frog anything. Not even once! I just went with it.

Now please enjoy a photo of that project in which I appear as a Dr. Seuss character (Casey: “You look very…long in this photo.” Ha! I do.). I haven’t blocked it yet, so the stitches are a little wonky. EMBRACING IMPERFECTION-ISM and just posting it anyway.

Knitted Rainbow Sweater

IN ADDITION to Blue Genie, dealing with my endometriosis, my part-time job, the tiny house, and just general life-stuff, I am excited to say I am doing NaNoWriMo for the first time! I blame my online soul sister Jessica (in a good way). Truth is, I’ve already begun two novels this year (my first ever), and I have a good plan for both of them. I was diligently working on them in July, but I let perfectionism get in my way, so I stopped working on them. Being a part of the NaNoWriMo community as well as having a friend for accountability (the aforementioned Jessica) seems like just the ticket to getting me back on track. I don’t know if it’s technically “allowed” to just keep working on a novel you’ve already started, but I gave up on rules a long time ago, so I don’t care. I’ll be picking one of them and working through the month of November to finish it. I think I only have 10k words so far on it anyway. That’s not nothing, but it’s also little enough that it will be quite enough to be getting on with for the month of November.

So, to recap: weave everything including a brand new product, get a booth setup together for Blue Genie, setup Blue Genie, closely monitor my health, support Casey with tiny house stuff, write a novel, and don’t forget the laundry.

This should be fun.

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5 Responses to November: NaNoWriMo + NaWeATTMo*

  1. Fluffykira says:

    I love the sweater! Now finish the other one! ;)

  2. kippiann says:

    I love this!

  3. kippiann says:

    Also, I’m excited for your medical stuff, and so proud of your Blue Genie stuff, and can’t wait to read your writing stuff! So much goodness.

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