Tiny House Update: Porch Progress!!!

There are approximately one million steps in the tiny house process. Some steps are small and some are large. Some take forrrrrever and are completely hidden and others take half a day and are a huge visual payoff. I prefer the latter, for obvious reasons. And there are some that take forever and are a huge visual payoff, and some that are completely hidden and take half a day or like five seconds. There are many combos of these. You get it. Moving on.

Casey has been wiring the house over the last few weeks, and while the thrill of being able to click a switch in the wall (no lights quite yet) is wonderful, it’s something we have to point out to people who drop by.

This is something that needs no explanation or introduction:

THISONETHATONENo more Tyvek on the porch!!! No more Tyvek on the porch!!! By the way, as simple as this looks, it took half the day and THREE trips to Lowe’s. Through the magic of the Internet, it appears in front of you now as a two-second process with no decisions or sawdust on your clothes.

We were planning on just sealing the with a clear coat, but I have now decided that we should stain it. Unbeknownst to Casey. ;-) I will convince him with the power of a thousand Houzz images. Marital miscommunication. OF COURSE WE WILL STAIN IT. Casey had the idea first. I thought he said “clear coat only” and I had the hope that the wood would not be yellow when we picked it up from the store. The “clear coat only” part is apparently not what happened. My ears. They don’t listen so good.

Casey also finally put the last two pieces of decking on the deck. We ran out of wood like, a year and a half ago? and never bought the final board. Until yesterday. Now we have a finished deck. I think the best part is coming around the corner up to the tiny house and seeing such a finished look. And stepping out onto the deck feels so cozy. Like you’re being blanketed in wood. Or something.

The next project area to be tackled is plumbing. I originally typed “the next step is plumbing” but that makes it sound like plumbing is one step, a single item to be checked off of the list. Nothing in a tiny house is a single item. Listing things out like that in the past slowed us way, way down. Now we have a verrrry general project outline and we take it one step at a time.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Do you have a floor plan of your tiny house anywhere? it seems like we talked about this once and now I can’t remember. Congrats on getting published!

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