That Time I Became a Published Author.



Well, I’m in a magazine.

Do you like how I said that? Like I’m totally calm, cool, and collected about it?

Because in reality I gleefully tore open the envelope and actually squeaked, yes, squeaked, when I saw my name in print in the table of contents. Then I ran upstairs and used the magazine as a fake top hat as I danced across the floor in front of Casey while singing “Rose’s Turn.” Not making any that up.

I am completely honored to have had my first essay submission to any real live magazine be published.

I’ve been too excited to read the stories from fellow submissions, but I can’t wait to dive in and read of the brave souls who doubtless had a much more difficult journey out of faith than I did.

You can buy the issue Free Inquiry here! And if you’re feeling charitable, check out the Center for Inquiry’s Freethought Book Project, wherein they are sending scientific and rational-thought books to prisoners. Be sure to check out the testimony from one of the recipients of the books. It’s a charitable cause well worth your money.

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2 Responses to That Time I Became a Published Author.

  1. Casey Friday says:

    So fuckin proud of you.

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