I’m writing this post before we leave for Renegade because it is Wednesday December 4 right now but if you’re reading this it is likely that right now is actually Monday December 9 and on Monday December 9 I will not be at a computer to write about what happened this last weekend. On December 4 my head is full of an anxious to-do list and expectations that may or may not be met but on Monday December 9 my head will be full of whatever happened from Renegade, and you might be wondering, too. So I keep thinking “what will people want to read on Monday?” and then I think “I have no idea, but I know what I want to be thinking about on Monday as I’m sitting here worrying on the previous Wednesday.”

On Monday, I want to be thinking about my empty/ considerably lighter suitcase and the full wallet in my purse. On the previous Wednesday, I’m worrying that the TSA will damage absolutely everything in that suitcase and how should I pack the three bags I’m taking?

On Monday, I want to be thinking about the notebook full of business card contacts and connections I made. On the previous Wednesday, I’m worrying about all of the homemade frozen food I’m bringing along with us to save money and whether or not it will make it to our hotel and be tasty upon consumption.

On Monday, I want to be thinking about my weekend full of talking to people and teaching them about weaving. On the previous Wednesday, I’m worrying about getting my tiny loom packed up and if I should try to take my big huge loom instead because it folds up nicely and won’t people want to see me making an expensive scarf, not the inexpensive ones? and WHAT IF NOBODY BUYS ANYTHING AND MAKES FUN OF ME and says they can buy the same crap at Target for less money?

On Monday, I want to be thinking about a memory card full of photos of the Pulaski Park Fieldhouse and an Instagram feed full of Renegade for you all to have perused over the weekend, if that’s your thing. On the previous Wednesday, I’m worrying about finding my camera charger even though it’s always in the same place but I always think it’s somewhere else.

So, what actually happened Renegade weekend I will post on Wednesday December 11, in all the gory detail you could ever want.

I hope your weekend (that has not yet happened on Wednesday December 4) was unexpected in all of the best ways, and for those of you waiting for things like tiny house updates and my film to FINALLY be developed and the photos posted on the blog, Renegade being out of the way clears the path for stuff like that to come back into my brain. It’s more difficult than most people can imagine to get ready for something like Renegade. It’s all encompassing and eats your life and your calendar and your brain space and your time. On December 4, I’m sitting here hoping that all of the effort the last three months has been worth it when I wake up on December 9. Which would be today, if you’re reading this.

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