Rolling Right Along.

It’s Christmas Eve and I finally feel like writing again.

And even better for you, it’s a tiny house update post! (If you follow my Instagram you’ve already seen some of this.)

Here’s what our front door looked like a few days ago:



And now (two coats of paint later and more to come):



And in even more exciting news (drumroll please), it’s a BATHROOM WALL!IMG_0180The bathroom wall is directly under the loft, which has made the loft not creaky any more. Which is wonderful. Also notice the orange spaghetti in the bottom right hand corner. More wiring! And we made about ten decisions yesterday. Decisions are tiny house currency. If that makes sense. It’s the number one best thing ever when you are building a tiny house. Completed decisions.

I’m not drunk right now, I promise. High on life and two hours playing with dogs outside in the sunny, gorgeous (!!!) weather.

I’ve had a huge boost of creativity in the past few days and have been indulging it. I have an Annie’s seed catalog on the floor that I CANNOT order from until I have a better watering system set up. I stole my mom’s pyrographer and am making a spiral notebook cover. I even dusted off and oiled my floor loom. That’s right! Fancy weaving! Not just plain weave. It’s like something’s come unblocked in me. Maybe it’s just surviving another birthday. It usually is.

So it’s Christmas Eve. Tomorrow will be spent with family. No gifts, just food. I have two lasagnas to make tonight. I may go back and steal those dogs we were playing with earlier. Because it’s Christmas, you know.

Happy Christmas, everyone. If I don’t see you around until 2014, it’s because I’m moving forward. So happy new year as well, just in case. If you’re looking for me on my very favorite holiday, I’ll be in front of the TV ringing in the new year with Kathy and Anderson, as always.


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2 Responses to Rolling Right Along.

  1. sonrie says:

    Reading this post made me want to go oil up my table loom downstairs. But I have never done that – I guess this week I will try to figure out how. Congrats on the decision making and a Merry Christmas to you as well.

    • iamchesapeake says:

      I used olive oil and lemon juice (1/4 cup lemon juice with 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil) on a rag. Just rub it into the wood. It looks like a new loom!

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