31 Days of Napping: Day 5.

Every time I step into the tiny house I’m shocked at three things: 1) that my husband built ALL of it 2) how BIG it is in person 3) how bright it is. I really shouldn’t be shocked at any of these things considering we designed it and I watched it go up.

I am ridiculously sore from yesterday. I really, truly overdid it. The important thing is that I realized it and took it easy today. I sat in the (clean) loft and knitted for an hour while Casey worked on the house.

knittingloftCasey made wonderful progress. Several decisions including a tricky wire placement issue were all knocked out, as well as about a dozen more wire holes drilled. It was humid and sticky hot so we only stuck around for two hours, plenty of time to get another quarter of the house wired.

MoreWiring2 MoreWiring3 MoreWiring4

This scarf has been on my loom for about a week, and I’ve been stalling on working on it because the weft was really crooked and it was hard to weave. I realized today that my loom wasn’t properly set up. Two cranks later to tighten it and I was back in business. Sigh. It’s always the little things that get you, right?

This is where I began weaving:


And this is where I ended, about two feet later:DSC_0003

Small progress, right?

I also came home to a series of notes and an order of two scarves from a repeat customer! It meant so much to me, both the order and the notes. Shipping those babies out tomorrow. It’s a great reminder of why I’m in business: to give people quality, handmade, unique goods that make them smile.

Today there was also a 25 minute nap upstairs at my parents’ house on the big wool bed, Justin Timberlake’s new album softly emanating from Casey’s headphones. Delicious.

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  1. Casey Friday says:

    That cable is RIGID! It’s really cool to see it go up in photo form here, rather than just seeing it in person. I like it!

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