31 Days of Napping: Day 4.

Today I cleaned up the loft and played with the dogs in residence at our build site while I waited for Casey to return from some tech work. I really, really overdid it today. Despite my best efforts to stay hydrated, I completely overextended myself in every sense. Four hours in the heat and humidity really took it out of me, as did lifting myself up into the loft over and over again.

Mess and excess insulation have been cleared out (I should have climbed up into the loft for the photos, it was covered in dust, bug carcasses, and bird shit):



Now the loft is happy and empty, save for a towel I put down for me to nap upon. Casey started wiring the living room (!!!):

Wiring Living Room

It’s such simple progress but it’s really made all the difference to us mentally just seeing wires in real, live electrical boxes:


This only took about an hour of hands-on work for Casey.

And I napped in the loft for about fifteen minutes! It was really, really hot up there but pleasant enough with some Harry Potter playing in my ear. Better than nothing.

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