31 Days of Napping: Day 3.

Today we went to the tiny house to see if we could start running wires in the walls. We realized we forgot the floor plan, but not all was lost. Casey read up on wiring requirements and I tidied up the house a bit.BeforeCleanup AfterCleanupI moved the extra insulation (which needs returning to Lowe’s and requires that we borrow a truck to do so) into the entryway. One of the hardest things about tiny house building is that there is a lack of staging areas that you find in larger houses. This means the work is doubled as you’re constantly moving things out of the way to work.

So I cleaned in all of the sections of the house except for the loft, which is covered in bird shit from our feathery friends who flew through the knob (knob! ha!) hole in the door. I shoved plastic wrap in there so they can’t fly back inside to do their business.

I missed a nap today but did lay down for awhile to play PvZ and chill out. I’m counting it.

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