31 Days of Napping: Day 2.

It’s been months since we have made any real progress on our house.

That has all changed! My new mindset of “a little bit, often” applies just as much to our home as to anything else. Last week, Casey and I sketched out where we wanted outlets, lights, and switches. Then Casey spent many hours at Lowe’s buying all of our electrical supplies. And today I suggested to Casey that we head back there to see if we could find a good wiring book that would aid him in his efforts.

Tiny House Electric Diagram

We came home and Casey managed to diagram the circuits for the house. This may not seem like much but the decision process of tiny house building is always the longest, most difficult part. It’s amazing how once a decision is made, things start to get done.

I also pulled this off of the loom:

Handwoven Tencel and Wool Scarf

And I napped today for about 15 minutes. So far, so good.

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