The Next Chapter.

DSC_0005We bought a house.

A little house, a tiny 16’x16′, one-room cabin on 2/10ths of an acre nestled into the hill country (as seen here from the back window of the cabin). The plan is to park the tiny house on wheels right next to this cabin. The cabin needs a bit of work. Some electrical noodling, full-on decontamination (cigarette smoke and dog hair), a bit more insulation, drywall patching, and some new window glass. The plan is to clean up the cabin, get a shower and outdoor cooking situation set up, and live in that while we finish out the tiny house on wheels. Then the cabin will become our workshop for our businesses and guest space.

The lot itself has plenty of live oaks, and is right on top of bedrock. I want to manure and mulch everything except for a small perimeter around the houses where we’ll have some kind of sandy gravel and diatomaceous earth to keep the scorpions out of the houses. The long-term plan is edible perennials and annuals, and a deck on the back of the lot. And a hammock!

I’m excited and nervous and overwhelmed by the work to be done, but that’s mostly because I’m suffering from fatigue from my endometriosis. Overall I feel really great about everything. Casey and I are both excited to be doing this next thing in our lives. First up is Kilz-ing the walls and mopping the hell out of the floors. If that doesn’t kill the smell of everything we’ll be ripping up the laminate floor and tearing out the drywall. I don’t think it will come to that; I think paint and a good cleaning will take care of it, but it’s great to have a backup plan.

And that’s all for now. More pictures in the coming weeks.


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