give and take.

Yesterday I realized that the rush order of perle cotton that I’d been waiting for (and paid $$$ to ship quickly) was the wrong weight. And it was 100% my error. I cried after I made the phone call to order more (and subsequently pay even more $$$$-with four dollar signs this time-to have it get here by tomorrow), which I consider personal progress.

After sobbing to Casey that I was a failure who couldn’t even get her ish together in time to make a decent application to Renegade, I opened my email to read that I’d been accepted to Renegade (May 18+19 at the Palmer Events Center in Austin) on the basis of my hastily thrown-together application.

This has nothing to do with anything but every post needs a picture:


Gluten free lasagna I made for my grandparents last week. I’m not sure I’ve ever made anything so pretty and picture-perfect.

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