First Etsy Sale.

I was watching Glen Hansard on Spinner (an episode from 2009) and he talked about how important it was to celebrate milestones in your life and career; otherwise when really great things happen you haven’t practiced gratitude and you won’t appreciate anything, even an Oscar win or major publishing deal.

I’m taking that to heart: I made my first Etsy sale today! It was an overnight shipping deal. One of my scarves will be in the stands at the Cotton Bowl on Thursday. :-D

Every time I think “Hey, not doing well at this business thing” something else happens to change my mind. Even though I’ve spent the first two days of this new year wearing Ugg boot slippers in public (the shame) and spinning my wheels, things are getting done. Time to sit down and start some serious business planning. Imagine if I combined a plan with all of this serendipity?

For now I am celebrating an Etsy win tonight with pomegranate chocolate chip coconut ice “cream” and a Warehouse 13 marathon with my husband. It’s the little things, folks!

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