A Glorious Meandering.

A year ago this weekend we were in Boulder, CO having the time of our lives at a tiny house building workshop.

Now we have something of our own that is looking an awful lot like a tiny house. What we didn’t learn that weekend in Boulder was that tiny house building (house building) is just a long, long, long intense series of never-ending decisions to make. Of mistakes to make. Of things to learn. Of things to do and go “Shit, we were supposed to do it THAT way?”

Enough with the philosophizing. Onto photos. My husband is 6’3″ tall and solid as a rock. That information is for scale purposes only.

Here is our front porch. Note gorgeous sidelights. We’ll be having some kind of wood siding here, just in the porch area for contrast (note to self: choose, find, and purchase wood siding).


Here to the right of the porch is the stove window and the loft window. Our bed will be tucked upstairs. Please note gorgeous Texas sky. 70 degrees, kids. In January. THIS is why we live here.


This is the kitchen/bath area. The bath will be along the back wall. Shower on the left (36″ shower tray pictured), toilet on the right, sink under the middle window. In the kitchen area in front of it will be the kitchen sink on the left, stove on the right.

Here is the loft with two windows (one not pictured) and two amazing skylights. It’s like a cathedral up there.DSC_0015 Casey pictured for scale once more. This is the middle area where we will have floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets for all of our stuff. Casey has one foot in the living room.

And here is the (messy) living room. It’s amazing how big it feels when you sit in here. We made the windows up higher to draw the eye up and increase the feeling of spaciousness in the room. So when you’re sitting down, you look up and see the trees out of the window and suddenly the room feels enormous. Everyone who walks through the house comments on how spacious it feels.

Here is more living room with my secret corner. I like to huddle in it when I feel like we’re building a house or something and WHAT HAVE WE DONE and it’s all too much.


And here is the view. Ah, the ceiling. For anyone reading this who hasn’t started building a tiny house but wants to, you’ll remember this image later when you’re putting up roof rafters that are not straight no matter what you do, and you think “No one else has struggles with building! Everyone’s tiny house went up without a hitch unlike mine!” Just remember that what you don’t see in this glorious photo is my husband up on a ladder in 103 degree temperatures at 7 pm after 10 hours of working, cursing because he’s cut the same 2×4 five times and all were wrong, and it’s the last one of the day. Directly in the spot I’m standing to take this photo? That’s the spot I thought we were done with this house. That we were going to just walk away and sell 5/8ths of a shell to someone else. And yet? DSC_0025

Here we are. My advice is this: you’ll quickly learn that houses are like sausages and laws. You don’t want to see them being made. Take a deep breath and recognize that building has evolved haphazardly into something like a process over the last decades of time. It’s more of a “measure twice, cut once, pound it ’til it fits and if it doesn’t cover it with trim” process. That’s why Lowe’s is so big. It’s filled with a million ways to do everything. There are definitely wrong ways to do something, but there is no one right way when it come to house building.

Take it one step at a time. Learn to let go of control. Kiss the builder often (YMMV).

And just let it happen.


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  1. Caulking and trim have become essentials for me. ‘Nuff said.

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