Big Changes.

I successfully sold things that I made at a craft fair this weekend. It was insane and awesome and amazing.

Things that I made will be wrapped presents under the tree. Incredible. Unbelievable.

I made friends and connections and learned a million and one things (like how many people don’t know a woven scarf from a knitted one). Most importantly, I made myself proud.

And I’m continuing to make myself proud.

I’ve opened an online shop and an etsy shop. I have a business meeting on Friday to discuss selling my goods in a store. I have more business cards on order (imagine going through an entire stack!), more fibers to try out, more and more ideas to execute. I’m focused. I’m excited. I know what I want to be doing, where I’m going, and I’m enjoying the entire ride.

Every single step of it.

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2 Responses to Big Changes.

  1. kippi says:

    so proud of you!

    … isn’t the pink one mine?

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