OPH update: as of September 10th, 2012.

Deshi deshi basara basara!!!


Casey threw up three walls today (the kitchen/bath area) like it was no big thing. I even managed to help a bit, which felt really great.

My first thought upon standing between the three walls was that it seems much bigger than I thought it would be. It looks like *more* space, not less. Really shocking. I know it’s just studs and the house isn’t dried in yet, but it still seems incredibly spacious and comforting at the same time.

I am a huge claustrophobe. Soon to live in a tiny house. If I can do this, anyone can.

Casey’s big goal for the next two days is to get ALL of the walls up. Sheathed by the weekend if he can swing some physical assistance for holding the plywood. The windows should be delivered by then, and the the walls would be dried-in! Then roofing, then plumbing, electrical, insulation, wall covering, flooring, cabinets, trim. Done. Easy enough, right? HAH!

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