OPH photo update: as of September 4, 2012

Today (Sept 5th) Casey is ripping out the front and back sections of plywood and replacing it with the APPROPRIATE WIDTH plywood. Oy vey. We used like 1/2 inch (I think) plywood not thinking anything of it. Then in a serendipitous turn of events, Casey had to use some of the very thick (nearly inch) plywood in the shed for the middle section. It was then we realized that 1/2 inch doesn’t cut it. The floor was buckling and creaking under our feet. Not good.

It feels so much better to walk on now that Casey has replaced the thin sections with 3/4″. It also provides much more strength to the 12″ cantilever off the back and the 6″ off of the sides. At any rate, the photo above still holds true for progress right now (just with slightly thicker plywood on the outer sections).

We have lumber for the walls, which Casey will start assembling this week. It’s a precarious balance between working on the house and making money. He’s been busy with web projects, which we are incredibly grateful for and are really exciting. Nice to work with great clients for a good cause.

We’re still throwing out a November 1st deadline for move-in. I know that sounds crazy, but we aim high around here. We can do this! Once the whole house is dried in I can really start helping with independent projects. Between now and then, we’ll need some extra upper-body-man-strength to help lift wall frames and sheath roofs and walls (heavy plywood held vertical while screwing it in three feet off the ground is no joke).

We also ordered our windows AND the door! More on this later (and the crazy deal we scored while price-shopping locally) after they are successfully delivered. I don’t want to jinx anything. Our skylights from Lowe’s arrived along with the cellular blackout shades and everything looks amazing. We’ll have two skylights (one on each loft slope) so it will hopefully be a great star-gazing, treehouse-type space.

Next up with decisions: we’ll need to start looking at siding and roof material this week.

And in case you didn’t know, here is a list of the process with things crossed off as we (mostly Casey at this point) go along.

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  1. melabratz says:

    Very cool. I build for theater, and 3/4 plywood is absolutely the way we build for walking surfaces (platforms, we call them.) 1/2″ is lighter, but… creaky. And I think, if you find creaks, just screw it down some more in the creaky area on that 3/4″. Looking good!

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