We have WORMS!!!

1lb of red wigglers to be exact. All courtesy of Kyle Harrell of Texas Red Worms, who was awesome to work with. He met up with me and Casey, explained what worm eggs look like and how to care for the little wriggly guys that had already hatched. Then we swapped money for worms and off we went.

Seriously, this is the most important thing to happen to this fledgling farm enterprise. Soil-makers. Rich, delicious, hummus-y, topsoil makers. Do you know how much compost costs? If you’re sitting at home thinking about growing so much as a few leaves of basil: START COMPOSTING NOW. Hoard nitrogenous materials like it’s your job. Get some wiggly guys and stop tossing out your veg and fruit scraps. Stop referring to anything compostable as waste or trash.

Here’s hoping I don’t kill them.

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  1. Mel Bratz says:

    I really really doubt you will kill them. I’ve had compost worms for a few years now, and they are durable little guys. They’ve survived me neglecting them for weeks, or over-feeding them all at once, and it’s been great. I have seen a lot of volunteer tomato plants coming up out of the flower pots year round since I started adding compost to my plants, which is kind of funny, and sometimes things like baby bok choy try to sprout again in the bin. If you find a somewhat efficient method of separating worms from the dirt, pass it on! I’ve tried the various ways I’ve seen online, and always end up just sitting down in my garden gloves and picking them out of their dirt.

    Careful, you’ll be beekeeping next. They’re the most relaxing things to watch coming & going out of their hives. Happy composting!

    • iamchesapeake says:

      Thank you so so so much for this advice!!! I will definitely let you know how I handle the worm separation. I’ve read several people doing it the way you do; they say it’s kind of meditative. I would LOVE to keep bees. It’s next on my list for sure. Do you have your own hive?

  2. kippi says:

    This thrills me more than I can articulate. Seriously.

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