Why I Switched from Squarespace to WordPress.

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the all-new iamchesapeake website, now hosted by my husband and published with WordPress. Although I just spent the weekend (with considerable help from Casey, of course) migrating everything over and making changes, this has been a loooong time coming.

Why did I switch? It was a chain of events, really, all culminating in the moment when I attempted to simply post a forum question on Squarespace’s site and was ASKED TO CREATE A FORUM ACCOUNT. A separate account. Yes. For access to a website for which I pay $80/yr.

To show how serious I am about being done done done with Squarespace: I have my account paid through May of 2012. But I’m done. No more.

Here’s why.

1) Ridiculous Javascript post editor. If you’ve used it, you know I don’t need to say any more. Add to this that scheduled posts are labeled “draft” along with drafts being labeled “draft” and that there is no way to see clearly organized content, and we’ve made it to the distinction Casey came up with:

2) Squarespace is simply not a content management service. It looks pretty, but when it comes to making, organizing, and saving posts, there simply is no functionality present for actually, oh, I don’t know, shipping your work.

3) Despite their attempts at being hip and Apple-fied, Squarespace does not, unlike their inspirational counterpart, “just simply work.” Too many bugs, site flaws, non-intuitive site setup-I could go on. And I will.

4) Servers are down too frequently which resulted in lost posts more times than I can count or my site simply “disappearing” for hours on end.

5) That frakking “preview” button that is supposed to show the site as it is “live” but leaves up draft posts, disabled widgets and pages, etc, thus not actually being anything remotely resembling a true preview of the live site. This necessitated a need for me to have a different browser open during all redesigns of my site, just so I could refresh and see what the changes looked like to someone dropping by.

6) No comment nesting or threading. Seriously! It’s not an option! Even worse, forum activity shows that this has been a common request with no response from Squarespace since at least 2009. That’s nearly three decades in web time as far as I’m concerned. And when I installed Disqus? The damn thing did not seamlessly integrate. I blame Squarespace, which does not support 3rd-party plug-ins at all no matter what they say to the contrary. Wouldn’t be a problem if #3 on this list were solved and their own coding and widgets “just simply worked.”

7) Most importantly: support and troubleshooting. It is non-existent. Like I said above, you can get direct answers to basic questions from the Squarespace team. But try to Google for an answer to a question like “Disqus number of comments not showing on main post” and you’ll get a million and one WordPress solutions.But Squarespace just does not have the online community necessary for me to continue to be a user of the site.

Imagine my pleasant surprise when I discovered that WordPress, which is free, just simply works.

So here I am! And here I am to stay.

I welcome feedback on the site design. Do bear with me as I continue tweaking and adding things.

Oh, and Casey and I made several valiant attempts to import all of your wonderful comments to this new place. I apologize most sincerely for their disappearance; I appreciate comments and feedback so much.

Enjoy this new space! Spread out, have some popcorn, take your shoes off, etc. I’ll be here all week and beyond.

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6 Responses to Why I Switched from Squarespace to WordPress.

  1. Casey Friday says:

    Ah, seeing your site powered by WordPress is such a breath of relieving fresh air!

    Did I mention I’m a pro WordPress developer? Can you say hoook uuuup!!!

  2. kippi says:

    It looks awesome!!! I did not know Casey was a WP developer! WOOT! does that give me any special perks? Day passes? anything?

  3. Koala42000 says:

    I’m so embarrassed to admit it, but I just figured out how to get here! I hadn’t taken the “squarespace” out of your url. (Duh!) Now I have lots of reading to do! :^)

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