Tiny-House-Floor-PlanJessica brought it to my attention that I’ve never posted a floor plan of our tiny house. This is exactly the type of thing that bothers me when I’m perusing other tiny house sites, so thanks for the reminder!

Above is a basic picture of our tiny house floor plan that I quickly drew up in Pages. Here is a Sketchup image, courtesy of Casey:


Here’s all you (n)ever wanted to know about the house:

Living room: We have no plans as of yet for furniture in this room other than a stand up desk (a fold-down, wall-mounted Ikea table) for Casey. I read years ago on someone’s tiny house blog that he waited to see how he used the space before building a bunch of furniture. In space planning, this is called “desire lines.” Architects/landscape architects will wait to see the paths of least resistance carved into the grass before they pour sidewalks. In the meantime, we will have a bunch of floor pillows for lounging.

Entryway: This area is raised 8″ from the other two thirds of the house to accommodate the wheel wells of the trailer. The back wall will be covered in cabinets for storage. This is the wall where our mini-split ductless AC/heater will be. The fridge will be in the far right cabinet next to the kitchen.

Kitchen: Tankless water heater under the sink, a Camp Chef stove (affiliate link) because we could not find a correctly sized, well-priced oven, a stove vent, and a CO detector of course.

Bathroom: 36″ wide. Ofuro tub made of plywood and fiberglass by Casey so I have a place to soak when my endometriosis acts up (he’s the best!). Tiny Ikea sink underneath the window. Humanure bucket toilet, TP storage next to it, cabinets above the toilet for bathroom stuff like cases of deodorant, extra toothbrush heads, etc.

Loft: Two skylights in the ceiling, two awning windows for circulation. I think the loft is less than 3′ at the highest point. I can sit up inside the skylights and not hit my head (I’m 5’7″ tall). I am horribly claustrophobic, but all of the bright light makes this space incredibly open and cozy at the same time. I spend hours up here while Casey builds. We’ll have some type of foam sheeting up there for a “mattress.” I think we’re going to go all out and get enough pieces to cover the entire loft floor like one giant mattress. We’re both sprawlers so I’m looking forward to having an 8.5′ wide bed. The loft is open to the rest of the house:DSC_0005

Land: we have a piece of unrestricted (yay!) land (about 2/10 acre) with this view:landview

The land has a small cabin on it already that we will use for a studio. There is already high speed internet and electricity, and all of the mountain cedar has been cleared out, which is really a big freaking deal. We’ll be buying more rain barrels for water catchment (there is one on the property already), and I’ll be setting up a greywater garden of some kind.

Other info: the tiny house is on a trailer. It’s 13.5′ tall from the ground to the pitch of the roof. So far we’ve spent maybe $14k on it, and that includes the $3200 trailer, $1500 to have someone install the most gorgeous standing seam roof you’ve ever seen in your life, and brand new windows and doors. We’ve actually purchased everything new, mostly at Lowe’s. Scavenging for materials is admirable but doesn’t work for us. The land was less than $17k. When it’s all said and done, we will have a custom-built home and studio on a quiet piece of land for around $33k, or about the cost of three and a half years of apartment rent. That’s not keeping in mind what we save on utilities, furniture, and general “stuff.” We are a bit of a ways out of the city but we’re not far from a grocery store.

Let me know if you have any more questions!