The Next Day.

Written February 17th

When I deleted all of my iPod games, especially TowerTown, I felt some pain and hesitation. But I knew that what awaited me was so much freaking greater than playing stupid games. So the pain was temporary. As temporary as it took me to put the iPod down after reformatting it. I had some irritants in the next few days I readjusted to the old classic iPod. I replaced some TowerTown time with solitaire. That only lasted a week before I just started falling asleep on my own again. Let’s call it ten days total. I haven’t picked my iPod up since but to play some music on a short car ride.

Blogs. Detonation.

This is worse.

This is harder than anything I’ve done yet for sure. This is ridiculous. But this is a habit much longer in the making. Habit habit habit.

Tossing out the Skittles bowl. Toss toss toss.

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  • Casey Friday

    More, more! I need another fix!!

    • Jessica Friday


  • Koala42000

    I love the simplicity of this photo!

    • Jessica Friday

      Thank you thank you! It was taken on Antelope Island in Utah!